About Picplume

With the many sites on the Internet, I didn’t even know what to do first. But then the decisive idea came to me. I make a page with my hobbies. What sounded a little funny at the beginning developed into a real idea for success. To make one’s hobbies accessible to a broad mass of people and earn money at the same time?

That works! I didn’t want to admit it at first, but after a short time I could live on it. So now I have turned my hobby into my profession and become a little happier every day. Because it is just my passion, I can also give tips. Ideal if one of my customers has the same hobby. The direct exchange is twice as much fun as a normal business.

But there was another reason why I set up the site. It allows me to earn money from home. I don’t have to get up every morning to open my store. It is also possible to rent without storage rooms. Everything comes directly from this one side, which has grown to my heart in the meantime.

And if more hobbies are added, that’s no problem either. So I know what I’m doing it for. The site is growing all the time and without any difficulties.

Which is probably due to the fact that I put all my heart and soul into every text, as well as into uploading the many pictures. The page is also easy to find, as it already points to my hobby in the address bar.